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:: 2009 - April
Sometimes Life can be a Pain ....
April 2009

Sometimes life can be a real pain.  We all suffer from pain at some time.  Whether it be short term or life long we constantly seek ways to relieve the pain.  This month we are looking at ways to better manage pain, whether it be from an injury or health issue.

Latest News
Windows on Pain

Windows on Pain

Renowned artists have donated works of art to the Windows on Pain exhibition being held in Sydney in May & June. 

Proceeds go towards pain research.

Find out more about Windows on Pain ...
Your Health
Living with Pain

Living with Pain

Pain is the body's mechanism of self-preservation.  It alerts us to danger, disease and injury.

However, living everyday with pain can be more than a headache!

Find out more about living with pain ...
Product View
Know your Medicines

Know Your Medicines

Do you know what is in the medications that you take?  There is now a new service that can help you find out.

Find out more about over the counter medications and how to review what you are taking.

 Find out more about over the counter medications ...
Kids Korner
Painful Kids

Painful Kids

There is nothing more heart wrenching than a child in pain .... especially when they are crying so much you can't find out what is causing the pain!

Find out more about pain in your child and how to deal with it.

Find out more about kids and pain ...
D'Lish Dishes for Dinner
 D'Lish Dishes that are quick and easy to make

Enjoy this month's quick & easy dishes:

Salmon Cases

Healthy Chicken & Vegetables

Coconut Macadamia Pie

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How does your garden grow?

Pain Free Gardening

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 Top Tips

Living with Pain

Medical Mythbusters

Painful Myths

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