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:: 2009 - February
Looking at the new year and a new start ...
February 2009

Put up your hands if you made New Year's Resolutions.  Keep your hands up if you have managed to stick to them.  Well done if you have. 

If you haven't your just like the majority of the population.  This month we are going to look at some tips to help you keep your New Year, New Start Resolutions.

Latest News
New changes to the PBS Safety Net?

Changes to the PBS safety net

Changes commenced on 1st January 2009. 

Do you know how this will affect you? 

Find out more about the changes to the Safety Net ...
Your Health
Sticking to your New Year's Resolutions

Can't Stick to Your New Year Resolutions?  Blame your Brain!

These wishes that you make for yourself are very important.  We will look at ways to turn your New Years Resolutions in to part of your everyday life.

Find out about the importance of New Year's Resolutions ...
Product View
Quit Smoking, Quit Cravings

Quit Smoking ... Quit Cravings

Why is it so hard to stop smoking?  You just don't seem to be able to stop he cravings!

Let's look at some simple ways your pharmacist can help you.

 Find out more about how to beat the cravings ...
Kids Korner
Preventing Hot Water Scalds

Preventing Hot Water Scalds

This month in Kids Korner we are going to look at how to protect your children from being scalded at home, including safety in the kitchen and the bathroom.

Find out about how to prevent hot water scalds ...
D'Lish Dishes for Dinner
 D'Lish Dishes that are quick and easy to make

Enjoy this month's quick & easy dishes:

Spicy Fish Bites
Vegetable Lasagne
Homemade Peach Kuchen

Feel free to drop in and speak to our friendly staff about the information in this newsletter, or any other health matters ... any time ... or Contact Us today! 

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Romantic Roses

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 Top Tips

To stick to your Guns

Medical Mythbusters

Diet, Fitness & Smoking Myths

Watch for more interesting articles and tips next month ....



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