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:: 2008 - November/December
Diabetes is in the spotlight, together with the holidays
November/December 2008

Merry Christmas
Are you ready for Christmas yet?  Just a few sleeps to go.

November was Diabetes month and was a time to pause and think about  living with diabetes ... these days everyone knows someone with diabetes.  When gathering the information to focus on diabetes it became evident that much of the advice relates to anyone ... whether they have diabetes or not.  So some of the articles in this newsletter relate to general healthy living and lifestyle as well as specifically to diabetes.  Either way, you should find them interesting.

Enjoy and have a great Christmas break!

The Pharmacy Team

Latest News
Can surgery cure Diabetes?

Can Surgery Eliminate Diabetes?

Find out about the latest Australian study into the use of surgical procedures to eliminate Diabetes.

Is surgery a viable option for you?

Find out more about whether surgery can eliminate diabetes ....
Your Health
 Pamper yourself

Pamper Yourself!

Whether you have Diabetes or not, now is the time to sit back, relax and pamper yourself!  There are also many health benefits.

Find out more about the health benefits of pampering yourself ...
Product View
Using Insulin Pumps

Pump It Up

Did you know that there is a grants program for insulin pumps for children with Type 1 Diabetes?  Do you know what types of pumps there are?

 Find out more about Insulin Pumps for Diabetes ...
Kids Korner
Kids Safety

Home Safety

With Christmas approaching and the kids home in the school holidays Home Safety is very important.  We will give you some tips on home safety.

Find out more about home safety at Christmas ....
D'Lish Dishes for Dinner
 D'Lish Dishes that are quick and easy to make

Enjoy this month's quick & easy dishes:

Pizza Parcels
Summer Prawn Salad
BBQd Stuffed Snapper
Berry Meringue Delights

For more information why not visit us today or Contact Us

 Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

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How to grow a Monet Garden
Find out how to grow a Monet garden

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